Basic Strategy Blackjack: Winning Blackjack Online and Free Games

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Basic strategy blackjack + charts and free games = the perfect ingredients to help transform you into a more astute player when gambling online. This basic strategy blackjack article will cover all the game rules and provide you a strategy chart within the links provided. The chart will include a key to understand the SP and DH terms. Knowing when to split during a game, when to stand with the hands you have been dealt and doubling down are basic strategy blackjack rules that turn an average player into an ace one.

Basic strategy blackjack is easy to pick up and offers options to play various games linked to tradition blackjack in casinos like Pontoon. We’re going to look at the games available to play for free as your own blackjack strategy trainer, so you can be playing and learning at the same time, various games with six decks and even 8 decks.

Let us now learn about the game and basic strategy blackjack more closely and see if decision making can be improved and look at the possible change of play during a game. UK players should now head to their 'blackjack for free' link right here. This will better suit you for the games available in your country.

Your Guide: Blackjack Basics, online games to play free and strategy charts to help you learn how to play

Basic strategy blackjack comes with 3 main key elements, surrendering, splitting and doubling. It may appear at first that the game is complicated with several ways to approach each individual game but this is easy to pick up and adds to the thrill of blackjack when to hit, stand and make these integral moves that can see a soft hand be doubled down for a win.

Reading glasses on? Let us look at the 3 key tactics to improve the decisions you make inside the game. For Canadians your basic strategy blackjack advice is inside this link. For direct free blackjack then here's another link to enjoy.

Winning Strategies: Splitting strategy, blackjack counting strategy, doubling down and Surrender strategy

1. Defence is the best form of attack: surrendering a game may sound self-defeating, but basically, this is a fail-safe. You can either play on with a bad pair of hands or you can literally cut your losses. During a game, you may be dealt with what is known as a ‘soft hand’, basically when you see a bad pair. Now if you have placed a stake already of $10 then you can surrender the pairs and this means you only lose $5 of your bet. Basic strategy blackjack 101, preserve the bankroll as the game is a slow-burner when building up the profit margins.

2. Feeling lucky? Doubling down is a term we have all heard, some may not know the meaning of this basic strategy blackjack move but the term is social. This play comes about with the risk of going bust but the move favors bigger win returns. You are dealt your pairs and you can double down for an additional card at the cost of a stake increase which must match the initial wager. Another card is produced from the deck by the dealer and you either come to a point of going bust over 21 or closer to the mark where you can choose to stand and remain with the 3 cards.

3: Hedging your bets: You’ll see from the strategy charts that splitting offers a massive number of odds in winning, the chart will be littered with sp sp sp indications same with double hands in dh dh dh, these basic strategy blackjack moves are the most popular but splitting more so. This basic strategy blackjack move helps with soft hands and you play as follows. If you have a pair, and they must match in value, you can separate the cards and they each become the foundation of a new pair. The stake you place before the deal remains, this means that for new cards to form the two new pairs you must stake the same wage for each card. This move is popular but costly if you bust. Your decisions are important because as we said before, maintaining a bankroll is key.

To learn more you should head to, which sum up all the key points for success.

Play for FREE: Game practice, blackjack strategy trainer and Blackjack variants to discover and experience

Practice does make perfect and playing and learning basic strategy blackjack with free games means you save your own funds otherwise it’s a case showing yourself no favors in a live casino game paying out whilst learning. The selection of free game available come with higher stake options should you want the option of training with professional tables. The rule of basic strategy blackjack remains. Whether you win or lose it’s all about training yourself with blackjack basics. We have free blackjack online to play for players in South Africa direct from this link.

Know Blackjack when to hit, when to stand, splitting and turning soft hands into hard hands for the win

Basic strategy blackjack moves can still throw up a number of question about the game still so here we’ll look at the commonly asked questions surrounding basic strategy blackjack ideas and rules surrounding the game.

Question: Can you play in more than one spot?

Answer: You can if the option is available the effect on the basic strategy blackjack game is the change in your variance, this will decrease, but again consider your budget.

Question: What is burning?

Answer: Burning has no effect on the basic strategy blackjack dealers discard the top card just as a precaution in case it has been seen by other players.

Question: Are the basic strategy blackjack rules the same for both Live Blackjack and Video Blackjack?

Answer: With video gaming there are, of course, restrictions, live games offer more alternatives, it’s all relative to the table you play on, some don’t allow doubling on what is a soft hand, others do, but the core of the basic strategy blackjack guide remains, so there is no change to odds or outcome.

Question: Why are we writing guides and not living out of a mansion if we know it all?

Answer: A mix of success and a mix of card counting restrictions means we have the time to advise other players about the basic strategy blackjack guides we produce. Though card counting is possible online, it’s hard to know the deck number being used. So we aren’t found playing 24/7.

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